Les FUSAINS a City of Artists in Paris
in Guides, Art Books and Magazines

La Cité des FUSAINS is also known as : Villa des Fusains (because if its private street/garden) or simply "Les Fusains". It is a historical Monument (officially classified by the State) and then protected. It is forbidden to modify it from all the main aspects (architecture, windows , painting …). Many books , guides , magazines speak about "Les Fusains" because of its beauty but also, because of the period when Renoir, Toulouse Lautrec, Miro, Ernst was hosted there. In fact in the garden are located the Ateliers where thy worked and in the building are located their apartments. Our apartment is one of 12 apartments of this building so if you come you will be able to say that you lived under a common roof with all these famous people , and probably in the apartment of Renoir or Ernst but we have no proves of that.

So Join Us in Les Fusains, you are invited.!


A Guide , a Magazine and a Book about Les FUSAINS


1. Les FUSAINS in "L'Express"

L'Express is one of the best French political and cultural magazines (With "Le Nouvel Observateur" and "Le Point")

  • This Special Magazine is dedicated to the Nostalgic places in the city.
  • In fact, even if Paris is plenty of history, there are only few places like Les Fusains, where nothing changed during last 100 years.

"The Famous Villa des Fusains once hosted Renoir et Toulouse-Lautrec"

L'Express of 11th of March 2002



2. In One of Guides of Paris

There is a rather long section about Les Fusains in this guide : 5 pages , including, about 1 page of text about the history of this place.
Funded by the City and the Ministry of Art, it was , from the beginning, in 1887, dedicated to artists from all over the world. In that period Paris was the Capital of the ART.
When both, the 1889 and 1900 Universal exhibitions was dismounted, several pavilions and sculptures was transferred from the exhibition to here

  • The Article about Les Fusains starts where the description of "Le Bateau Lavoir" (the Atelier of Pablo Picasso) stops.
  • In some other parts of our Web Site you will also see the first picture of Les Fusains : The Entrée .

Several views inside La citée
One of viewes from Outside.



3. Another Book about Paris .

This one is about the history and monuments. There is an interesting part with pictures "from the sky". But also several sections about the area unknown to tourists and many times even to the local people. In fact if you leave the very tourist part of the city (you have to visit once but no more) :
"La Tour Eiffel" (built in 1889 as Les Fusains), "Le Louvre" (from outside only) , "Les Chams Elysées" .. you will discover several authentic places plenty of natural beauty. Les Fusains is definitely one of these places.

  • Paris Intime presents some of these exceptional places where to go to feel Paris from inside.
  • Paris for Artists includes a Double Page about ......... Les Fusains
One of Ateliers in La Cité des Fusains.

3. Guides about art and architecture.

  • Je Me Souviens de Montmartre (I remember Paris) makes a description of LesFusains which replaces all the comments

  • "A Piece of the EDEN
    On the side of the hill a small (abrupte???) but discrete street, La rue Tourlaque. On the Number 22, a long ceramic sign decorates the front of a building and announces LesFusians.
    Behind a corridor, a garden, green theater. The neighbors ignore its existence. Here are ancient pavilions of the Universal exhibition from 1889, about 30 villas of artists. Everywhere sculptures , bas-reliefs, nude figures, columns, old water tanks, TBC...
Very nice text about les Fusains
  • The Official guide of Paris (Edited by the city Council) defines Les Fusains as "The most surprising city of Artists of PARIS."

One of Ateliers in La Cité des Fusains.